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    Having Munchkin Code on Multiple Domains

    Malik Zafar



      So in short: we have acquired two existing domains and are in the process of getting all their content onto our site, though that will take a few months. In the meantime, I want to make sure we don't lose any valuable tracking information with any leads.


      Question: I know you can theoretically put a Munchkin code on multiple domains, but how will this effect Activity History? Currently Marketo identifies a homepage as simply "/", but now that there will be more than one homepage, will that cause confusion when it comes to identifying which website the lead was on? If there are pages on multiple domains with the same page name (blog), will that be distinguishable?


      Thanks! Also, would love to hear from anyone who is currently doing this and what their experience is like so far.

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          Josh Hill

          According to the docs, the activity history is separate until a lead fills out a form on BOTH sites. I am unsure if the system will display the home page correctly, but whenever I look at the logs or data, it always shows me the domain and URL.

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              Malik Zafar

              Thanks Josh - which docs are you referring too?


              Also, what if one side doesn't have a form? For example, one side is hosting their own separate, non-Marketo form which is NOT passing a Munchkin OnSubmit because it is not set up correctly.

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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  Malik when you do a Web Page Activity report, you're right that only the path of the Entry Page is shown, but when you look at a lead's Activity History you can see the homepage like Josh said. Is that not the case for you?


                  Anyway, about Munchkin itself, the lead needs to be separately identified or associated on both sites, since they don't share cookies.  If someone clicks a link in an email for both domains, or fills out a form on both, they'll both become known.  Or if you know who they are on Site 1 and you can get them to click to Site 2, you can append their email address or other identifier to the link, then the target site can use that information to request a lead association (via Munchkin API or something on the back end).  But organic traffic to both sites won't be shared.*


                  * There are some developer tricks you can use to make it easier to sync, but without a dedicated web developer you need to consider it impossible.