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    SFDC Leads vs Contacts Dilemma

    Jeff Coveney

      Anyone doing anything simple to solve this Contact conversion issue either at a process or technical level?

      Use Case: Company A uses a Contact model where reps works names as Contacts (Joe Smith) and Accounts (ACME). These two objects are related in Salesforce. Marketo treats new names coming into the system as Leads which are not tied to Accounts.


      The Question: How can Company A convert Leads over to Contacts so they fall under the proper Account (Using Marketo's Convert feature creates a new Account)? The main concern is with lists right now but this situation obviously applies to new form leads also.


      Possible Solutions?

      1. Marketo Import. Import Leads into Marketo and let them sync over to Salesforce as Leads. Then convert manually in Salesforce. This might do the trick for smaller lists but seems unmanageable for larger lists.


      2. Salesforce Import directly into Salesforce.  Take the data file and import directly into Salesforce which would then autosync it to Marketo. There are two considerations here.

      a. Deduplication.  Deduping is not done unless a solution like Demand Tools or Ringlead is used.  (or some other SF process?)

      b. Loss of Processing Rules. Additionally, any lead processing rules (scoring, segmentation, nurturing, data updates, etc) that rely on a Marketo creating the lead would need adjusting.


      3. Use of a 3rd Party like Lean Data for Account routing?


      4. Anything Else?