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    Issues with Editing

    Robin Hayes

      Sometimes when I edit text in an email and click save, the changes don't take effect. Sometimes the spacing looks fine in the edit window, but then when I click save some of the spacing gets squeezed together. Or when trying to change the color of some text, ill select the text and then the color but it wont change. When I hit refresh, it kicks me out of the editing window and I lost all of my previously saved changes. I've tried logging out and back in again too and I keep having these types of problems.


      Does anyone else experience these problems? Is there a way to fix this or prevent it from happening?

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          Josh Hill

          Yes, this is a known issue. Please do a search for other threads.


          I think the only solution was to go back in and fix the HTML or try again. Usually I clear the formatting or redo it a couple of times and it works.

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            Hi Robin,


            The spacing may be a glitch, however, the color may be set on the template level, which is why it’s giving you trouble changing it. Ask the person to confirm whether the color is hard coded into the template and what kind of text they’re trying to change (add to calendar is a whole other problem which must be given a calendar class on the template and then in the HTML a calendar tag must be used. This could just be Marketo being finicky.