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Email Scripting for subject personalization?

Question asked by b96dc6e9e3d6d8882f988a7e8d5b0696b6df4a5f on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by Neil Robertson-Ravo

We're hoping to have a subject line like this (just as an example, not an actual subject):


"Thanks for coming, Customer. Hope to see you next time"


However about 10% of our lists is missing a first name. There isn't really a good default to put in for this, so we'd like to leave it off instead. The only issue is the punctuation. Having the comma means it could read: "Thanks for coming, ." which we don't want. I was looking in to email scripting for this, but the documentation seems scarce, and from an older version of Marketo.


Is there a good way of doing this?