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    Looking for a Dublin User Group Leader!

      Are you fun, creative, knowledgeable about Marketo and want to increase your network and build your personal brand? If so, then you should be a MUG Leader!


      We have a great customer base in Dublin, Ireland but no one to lead the group at the moment. To see what the leader role entails, read User Group Leader Responsibilities & Benefits!  If you're interested please respond here!


      The benefits are:

      • Networking. Expand your network to include other leading and innovative marketers in your local area.
      • Guide the conversation. Personally set the agenda for the meeting and discuss topics that you think are important in the marketing automation space.
      • Build your personal brand. Share your expertise and make a name for yourself as an expert in the field.
      • Be the voice of innovation. Did the group voice a lot of opinion on a particular topic? Share your feedback and ideas directly with the Product Management team.
      • Perks. You will be eligible to receive discounts on Summit* (see below under "Other Expectations of a Leader") and will be kept apprised of great opportunities such as speaking engagements, networking events, social media discussions, points and on and offline rewards and prizes.


      To read about our User Group Program and view a list of all of our 45 groups, visit Marketo User Groups (MUGs).