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    Salesforce Duplicate Management Tool

      Does anyone have experience using this tool in conjunction with Marketo? I have a question about the functionality.

      After Duplicate Management is set up, here’s how it works.

      • When a user attempts to save a new record, the record is first compared with existing Salesforce records to identify possible duplicates (1). The criteria used to compare records and identify the possible duplicates are defined by a matching rule. Next, a list of possible duplicates is returned (2). What happens when the record being saved is identified as a possible duplicate depends on what’s defined in the duplicate rule (3). For example, the duplicate rule could block users from saving the possible duplicate record or allow them to save it anyway. Both the Block and Allow options include an alert, which tells users why they can’t save the record and what they need to do. The Allow option includes the ability to report on the duplicate records.


      If a lead is uploaded in Marketo with duplicate details except for the email address (e.g. rmcdowell@grovo.com and robb.mcdowell@grovo.com), and Salesforce blocks the new lead from being created, what happens to the duplicate in Marketo? Is there an error notification given? Do you have the option to merge or delete the duplicate when this happens?