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Eliminating contacts from a nurture stream

Question asked by 81eb9adb8f8e2dc3bc65e1422d0d07905e2e8930 on May 21, 2015
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We've recently created our first nurture stream - hurray!! The email consists of 5 emails and the plan we had was:


email 1 - would be sent to everybody

email 2 - would be sent to everybody

email 3 - people who have engaged in either email 1 or 2 would get this email

email 4 - as above

email 5 - everyone who engaged in the last 2 emails.


Email 1 and 2 have already gone and today we would like to send number 3. I have looked at the members who are set to receive the email today and that is everyone in 1 & 2 even though they have not engaged. Should we have set up a separate stream for each email or is there a way to eliminate member through one stream? I.e people who did not open email 1 and 2 do not receive email 3.


Any help would be appreciated!!


Thank you