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    Passing Token Values to a Requested Campaign

    Randy Davis

      I want to request a campaign and pass both system values and My Token values to the requested campaign.


      I don't think it's possible to pass My Token values to a campaign in another folder, but perhaps I am mistaken about that.


      However, I would expect to be able to pass system token values. But for some reason the value for {{trigger.Web Page}} is not being passed to the requested campaign.


      Here's the flow:

      Calling Campaign > Flow Request Campaign

      Requested Campaign > Flow Send Alert


      I'm using an Email Alert that contains various system tokens, including {{trigger.Web Page}}. Only the {{trigger.Web Page}} token is not being displayed in the email. Other tokens include: {{lead.Lead Owner First Name}}, {{Lead.First Name}}, {{Lead.Last Name}}, {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}}, and they display fine.


      Any insight or tips will be appreciated!



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          Justin Norris

          Randy Davis, unfortunately trigger tokens only work for a limited range of triggers. They need to appear within the smart campaign that is triggered, so once you request another campaign you have switched contexts and the trigger data is not available for tokens anymore.


          Something I have found useful is to create Marketo-only fields that I can stamp with the trigger values, e.g., "Last form completed" ( {{trigger.name}} on a form trigger), "Last form webpage" ( {{trigger.Web Page}} on a form trigger)  etc.


          Use these judiciously to avoid creating too much clutter.


          Once those values are stamped you can then access them using lead tokens for those fields in subsequent campaigns. It's a useful way to pass along the data and provide more flexibility in how you structure your system.


          This page has a very valuable table of trigger tokens that are available and for which triggers:


          Tokens for Interesting Moments - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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              Randy Davis

              Thanks, Justin. I was able to solve my problem in the following way:


              My goal was to utilize a single Alert email, but have its messaging customized based on the type of form being filled out by a lead: Content Download, Contact Request, Partner Request, or Special Content. I needed to pass My Token values and the name of the Web page to the Alert. For some reason the value of {{trigger.Web Page}} was not being passed to the Alert.


              I discovered that most field values, including Custom Field values, could be passed to the Alert email, but that some could not, including the important {{trigger.Web Page}}.


              Since My Tokens live at the Program level, and can change from Program to Program, I used Operational Default Programs to create places for campaign-specific My Token values. Here's an example:


              Operational Program 1: Handle Brochure Downloads


                       01 - Trigger on Form Fill Out [includes a request for 02 (and another "Common Flow Steps" campaign outside of the program)]

                        02 - Send Brochure Download Alert (provides program-specific My Token values to a common Alert email and then sends the Alert)

                   My Tokens (I change the token values based on the Program):




                   Custom Field:

                        Web Page Name

                   Alert (in Design Studio):

                        ALERT-Lead Form Activity


              The Alert email, "ALERT-Lead Form Activity," utilizes the My Tokens values and the value of custom field, "Web Page Name." The body of the email looks something like this:




                   {{lead.Web Page Name}}


                   (Body of email, including several common lead tokens....)


              I pre-populate the value of Web Page Name by using Change Data Value, Attribute: Web Page Name, New Value {{trigger.Web Page}} in the Trigger on Form Fill Out campaign. By then using the Send Alert flow step, I pass the token values to the email, which tailors the Subject Line, first line of text, and Web Page Name based on various Web pages/forms.


              This way I can use a single Alert Email and have it customized based on the type of form filled out or page visited.


              I also created (by cloning) a few other similar programs for Partner Request, Contact Me, and so on.


              The end result is that I can pass various token values to a common email.