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Lead Source - Tracking traffic sources

Question asked by Emmanuelle Bissuel on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by 149a16234d5cfd702bc96c96310d00f9aceec6c0

Hi Everyone,


I've been looking at many discussions to answer my question; unfortunately, I do not seem to have come across one that answers it all.


I'm trying to track the source of our traffic similarly to the way we can track it on Google Analytics: Direct, Organic, Display, PPC, Social, etc. so I can track the original source of the lead.


Is there any way this can be tracked easily in Marketo? I have read that the tracking could be done through the utm tracking, but for leads coming from Direct or Organic, the source cannot be defined, as there is no URL parameters. How can this be solved?


Thanks for your help!