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    New website campaign

    Brent Levi

      Does anyone have any examples of campaigns introducing a new website? Looking for something beyond the basic 'hey check out our awesome new website' email that we have all gotten.

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          We rolled out a campaign for a new website last year and it consisted of three emails. The first two highlighted specific areas of our website - customer stories and videos from our employees. The final email was sort of a collage of all the key new features. We saw the highest engagement from the emails that highlighted the specific pages ... those visitors were actually more likely to stay on the website as well. Hope that helps!

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              Lauren Rutledge

              (You have two accounts on the Community. One is flagged as a Sandbox account. You might want to flag your other one as your Primary account. Either with your last name or with your title. See what Elizabeth Oseguera has done).

              Brent Levi Lauren provides some good advice. I would do a simple campaign but do an A/B test. Two emails exactly the same to two of groups within your target audience and only have one item different on the emails.. and that would be a key feature or two. Keep them simple with a strong value proposition. Also might want to test Facebook or Linkedin Targeting. Make sure everything is set up properly in Marketo so can track the success of your program -- in the short term (initial responses) and the long term (the value of the customer over time)

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