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Welcome to the Marketo Developer Blog - Marketo Developers Blog

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Welcome to the Marketo Developer Blog

March 5th, 2014 by Travis Kaufman | Platform Updates

Welcome Marketo Developers!  We’ve been quite busy here at Marketo releasing new features like Forms 2.0, helping Marketers to be more successful than ever before.  Marketers today are supported by a phenominal developer community.  This blog is dedicated to those web developers and software engineers who support the rapidly evolving needs of the modern marketer.

As the Marketo Platform evolves we will be announcing new integration options and API version updates as they are unleashed.  We will also be introducing a new series of how-to articles where we’ll share code samples and best practices on integration with the Marketo Platform.

The first article in this series will walk you through how to efficiently retrieve information on the people (customers/contacts/leads) that are stored within Marketo using the API.

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An old blog entry, but an important one about Forms 2.0 (one of my favorite Marketo features)


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