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    Marketo Creating New Leads for Current Salesforce Contacts?

    Allison Isett

      Somebody please help!!!!


      We have a gated content with marketo forms to capture new lead information; however, when a current contact fills out these forms, marketo generates a new lead instead of updating the exsisting contact record within salesforce. What is the work-around here. I am sure its an easy solution, can someone please provide some insight?


      My example is:


      We have a monthly newsletter that goes to our entire salesforce database. We also have a sign-up feature on our website to "join our newsletter". The campaign that we build out is that when a lead or contact engages with the newsletter (i.e. clicks a link), we create an interesting moment, capture the engagement, and sync the lead to salesforce. However, if the contact already exsists within SF, than it's creating a brand new lead, so if I was a current contact, and signed up for the newsletter, than I would now also be a lead.


      Any ideas????