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Engagement strea cadence for day 1, day 5, day 10, etc

Question asked by 1ac8e611dcde8cda65330963bfc7b3e41ee7b6b6 on May 15, 2015
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Hi there! I am trying to create an Engagement Program that will send emails 5 days later, than 10 days later, than 14 days laters, etc. Here's my plan to send each email:



I created smart campaigns to "Pause" them for the nurture and wait the desired number of days before sending the next email. See screen shot below. My plan was creating pausing campaign for each of the wait days so that I have the ability to see where folks are. Just wanted to know if I am going to in the right direction or am I totally going to hit a wall or maybe there's been a better way of doing this.



Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!