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Combining trigger and filter in a smart campaign to check for two actions

Question asked by e7e3d9fda2ff9c67a71ee4e25cf09016e7881587 on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2014 by e7e3d9fda2ff9c67a71ee4e25cf09016e7881587
Hey all! Hoping you can help. Think it's a simple question, but I'm relatively new to all this, so let's see.

I need to automatically suspend leads when they have two emails bounce in 30 days. I want this to be a triggered campaign, so my current thought is to set this up as follows:

- Trigger: Email Bounces: is any
- Filter: Email Bounced: is any / Date of Activity: past 30 days / Min Number of Times: 2

So one bounce happening will be enough to trigger the campaign (since we want to count historic bounces not just those starting now) and the trigger will ensure that this lead has had two bounces in 30 days.

Will that work? I guess my concern is whether a bounce happening NOW will go into the lead's activity log in time to ensure the filter works. 

Or am I over-thinking it and a single trigger of Email Bounces: is any / Date of Activity: past 30 days / Min Number of Times: 2 would also do the job? Or would that need to trigger twice since the smart campaign is activated to fire?

I gues the other way out is to have this using only filters and then set it up as a batch campaign on a recurring schedule.

Anyway, apologies for rambling. Would appreciate your thoughts and advice! Thank you!