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    Statute of limitations on leads

      I'm curious what other marketers are doing in terms of best practice for opportunity source determination.  Specifically my question is around the time gap between first touch with a company and the creation of the opportunity.  For example - we have some first touches that occur hundreds of days before an opportunity is created.  Should the program that occurred hundreds of days prior get credit for generating that opportunity?

      What do you do in these situations?
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          Adam Vavrek
          Hi Scott,

          We attribute the Opportunity source to the original Lead Source - even if it was a year ago. But we also pull reports of any campaign that's influenced that Opportunity before it closed. I'm not sure if you've seen the Opportunity Influence Analyzer but I think it might be an interesting report for you.
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            Josh Hill

            This is a very difficult question. Marketo's RCE will help with this as it does work on first touch and multi touch.

            In Marketo, the FT gets acquisition credit and subsequent Programs before and during the Opp can also get credit. How you structure this will depend on the exact Report. So if you want FT Lead Source, you can do what Adam does. That's usually built into the system as well.

            I see nothing wrong with giving a Program credit 200 days later, I very often advise people to use a 270 day window. It all will depend on your reporting.

            See this article