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    Who creates your content?

    Adam Vavrek
      I wish I could create a poll here, in the discussion. In terms of {--below--} who creates your content? Is it in-house, external vendor...? 

      Company blog articles:

      About how many of the above assets do you create each month? This is really more for my curiosity - I'm thinking of outsourcing email creation.

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          Josh Hill
          I think you should try to define the pieces as much as you can before handing it to a writer or agency. I've found that some of the content agencies are not terribly good and they won't be expert at what you do.

          I'd seek out some Content Managers/Directors to ask their opinion. HubSpot, Marketo, and some of the vendors have great people.
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            We are lucky enough to have many experts and thought leaders within our company across the globe meaning that content, and good content at that, is always readily available or never far away from creation. These key topics in our industry fuel the success of our email campaigns and demand for our whitepaper/literature is always high. A marketers dream.