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Additional recording inquiry form fill per product

Question asked by 99eb0007c9cafcdfed9949d2c953d52fe3e62286 on Dec 18, 2014
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I want you let me know your best practice for the following case:

I have an existing website with 600 pages per product and each has a Marketo form to let users fill out their profile. Here I want records that show which leads filled out per product IN THE WHOLE HISTORY.

In order to achieve the above conditions, I created as follows:

I set up  URL parameter (Query String) on each page such as https// ----? product=****** and put a hidden field for the URL parameter and created a custom field for this. And now it is working well but I still have a problem to solve, which is the value of a product name in this field is overwritten every time a lead fill out and send the form. This is not good since I need to know all of the history which lead filled out the form for which product. That is to say, the record must be additional. 

I come up with some solutions as follows:
 1) Simply to create 600 new custom fields for putting in a flag per product, which means URL parameter is not necessary any more and I have to create 600 different Marketo forms. I think this idea is awfully bad, though.

 2) To create a master field as a custom field in addition to the field set for URL parameter. Here my question is "Is it possible to add URL parameter to the master field each time a parameter is changed? " 

 3) To make use of smart list and smart campaign. Similar to (2), create a smart campaign in order to make a smart list each time a URL parameter is changed. 

Any advice would be welcome!