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Soft Bounces and Alert Campaigns

Question asked by 063381c72f47d10f6410c4e3856bda9836579473 on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by 063381c72f47d10f6410c4e3856bda9836579473
We have a few HNW clients who have issues with their email addresses (i.e. lots of soft bounces) and complain that they aren't receiving our emails.  Every time, it's been a soft bounce issue, but that doesn't seem to satisfy the sales team nor the clients in question.  To get ahead of this, I was thinking of setting up an alert for myself, which would be triggered when leads hit 4 or 5 soft bounces.

I believe I can do this by setting up a smart campaign, but what I don't understand about the Send Alert flow step is why I have to choose an existing email campaign for it?  Can't I just have an actual alert sent to me that's telling me the name and email address of the person who hit their soft-bounce threshold?  If I do have to create a new email just for this purpose, is it even possible to put in token information to pull in the lead's name and email?

Or, do I approach this entirely differently?