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    Footers In Alert E-mails

    Osman Erzinclioglu
      I have created an alert e-mail that includes the "{{SP_Send_Alert_Info}}" token for a form on our site.

      These e-mail alerts are sent to specific internal e-mail addresses depending on the nature of the alert, but the footer on the alert e-mails appears to be for the lead rather than for the recipient. That is, the alert is sent to "x@mybusiness.com", but the standard footer is added to this alert e-mail and includes the e-mail address of the person who filled out the form rather than the internal user who is receiving the alert.

      I realise that we could include external addresses on these alerts as well, but why is the default behavior to include the unsubscribe footer data from the user who filled out the form rather than to exclude the footer or at least populate it with the data of the recipient of the alert? Or am I doing something wrong here?

      An alternate footer for alerts would be ideal, I think. (Containing a message that indicates that the e-mail is intended for reporting purposes and is not for external distribution.)

      It seems like there are really three types of e-mails and it would be handy to have different footers for each rather than just one footer.
      • Standard Marketing E-mails
      • Operational E-mails
      • Alerts / Reporting E-mails
      I realise there are aways around this, but it certainly would be handy, from my perspective, if there were a way to handle this at the system level.
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          I noticed this too, so we make it an operational email instead. (no footer). Any information I want I put within the email alert.
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            Osman Erzinclioglu
            True, Debbie. I suppose that works. However, our intention is to leave the notice in place even for operational e-mails so that users can always access their subscription settings in our subscription center.

            On closer examination, there aren't any tracking links in place on these alert e-mails, so it's not as though the recipient could inadvertently click through to a link and be tracked as the lead. Given that, I'm not going to spend any more energy on trying to address this issue for our e-mails. (But I still think greater control over the footers would be useful.)