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Event ROI Reporting

Question asked by Alexis Shamsi Hughes on Dec 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Josh Hill
I am interested in creating several master reports to analyze ROI from our marketing events in Analytics or RCE. All best practices and suggestions are welcome.

Some background:
We have 3 channels for events: customer events, customer trips and customer webinars. SFDC is our CRM, and we have set up all our event programs to sync with SFDC campaigns. Our events are private: the only registration channel is via email invitation. We would be interested in tracking the following metrics:

1) # Opportunities generated and # opportunities won by contacts and leads who attended
2) # Opportunities generated and # opportunities won by new contacts and leads who attended (for actual new contacts to our database and for customers who have never attended a specific event before).
2) Total revenue grouped by opportunity stage for all generated opportunities. In our line of business, we have 4 opportunity stages: prospect (new), tentative (contract pending), definite (contract signed) and consumed (piece of business already took place).
3) Ability to compare the same event YOY, a series of similar events like webinars, and all event program channels in terms of # returning customers, # opportunities generated and converted revenue (definite or consumed status).
4) Ability to limit results for a specific time period i.e. 3 months post event.

Would love to connect with someone on or offline who can share some pointers.