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Analysis for hundreds of Products

Question asked by 73d78c525c946bbc67f51f11e2274ab608c56cf8 on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2014 by Josh Hill
Hi, Folks

I want to create a form and landing page by Marketo for each product of my company and we have 600 types of products. I want to make the profile data that will be filled out on the form to Marketo database and each profile data must be specified which product it has to do with. 

One of ideas is to create a Marketo LP with a form that is accesible through a link on our website, with a hidden field of each product and clone it 600 times! However, it should be unrealistic considering the case where we will have to revise the form design in the future.

Another is to create a form where users have to choose each product on their own. In this case, we have to provide users with some easy interface so that they can easily select a product since selecting one of 600 should be hard!

In here, I want to know:

 - Are there some ways that gives Marketo form pull-down lists (double or tripple) that can automatically specify alternatives?
 - Is it possible to make some triggers corresponding to a product filled out. It is important as I need analysis for each product.

If you have some experience to analyze hunderds of products, pleae give me tips on this. Any advice would be helpful!