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    querystring vs parameters

      What's the difference? 
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          Josh Hill
          the query string is the entire string after the "?"

          the parameter is a specific part of the string that can fill in a field.

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            Hello again Josh. thank you for taking time to reply. So what would be the use case for utilizing one vs the other? I saw a document in the marketo library that is looking at querystring to identify the source of a PPC click and then conversion (visited web page, querystring contains). Wouldn't you be able to capture the conversion from that PPC source using parameters as well if you're capturing lead source and lead source detail with hidden fields? I'm just trying to understand the real world application. 
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              Takashi Ozeki

              Querystring can be used to identify those that visited the page but did not submit the form. URL parameters are only captured upon form submission.
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                Naor, can you share the document you found in the marketo library? I'd be interested in reading the literature on this topic. 

                To the experts...
                Suppose I have 1 asset (1 program in mkto), but I've advertised it on multiple channels (Display ad, website, content syndication). How will I know which channel is being most effective in bringing in new names? Do I create a separate program for the same asset for a particular channel?

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                  Here you are Anurag https://community.marketo.com/MarketoTutorial?id=kA250000000Kyr1CAC 
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                    Thank you for all your input, this is very helpful. I think I was getting confused with the setting in hidden fields known as URL PARAMETER vs. REFERRER PARAMETER. What is the different use case with using the Referrer parameter? 
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                      Answered my own question: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000LH7uCAG#url-parameter

                      Thanks to you all for the valuable responses. Third marketo implementation, still don't know everything?!