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B2C Subscription Model - Leads tied to each other

Question asked by c5d155c8e5c9ab56092d27d64c6dc71a530301e5 on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by Josh Hill
Hey peeps! Could use some help on a question I have. We're a B2C Subscription SaaS modeled business selling software for students.
- Free users
- Paying subscribers
- Parent accounts
- Student accounts

Parents can buy this for their students under a parent subscription or a student subscription. Bob, parent, might buy it for Johnny, student. We're trying to put all of our leads into Marketo and get the campaigns going to email free users to convert them to paying users. Bob's account could be a free account, but he could be paying for Johnny's student account, so we want to have parent and student accounts linked so we're not emailing Bob to upgrade if he's already paying for Johnny's account.

Any solutions to link accounts? If we insert the same user ID for parent and student would that do it? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you! - Zaki