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    Salesforce User ID and getLead method

    Alexandr Zagvozdin
      please help me to understand what the issue is:

      In Marketo my Salesforce ID (SFDC ID) is: 00Qb00000076xGcEAI
      but in SalesForce my SFDC ID is not the same, it is : 00Qb00000076xGc

      The same situation for another created leads in SalesForce.

      I am using this SFDC ID in our app and getLead method (http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/soap/getlead/ ;
      leadKey->keyType  = SFDCLEADID) but it fails always because SFDC is different
      please compare:

      How can it be? Can you please expain me?
      Looks like it is impossible to use getLead method to search leads by SFDC ID.