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Salesforce User ID and getLead method

Question asked by f9412c9d5dccfb9f9472aed4619a218fbda5f6e5 on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by Valerie Armstrong
please help me to understand what the issue is:

In Marketo my Salesforce ID (SFDC ID) is: 00Qb00000076xGcEAI
but in SalesForce my SFDC ID is not the same, it is : 00Qb00000076xGc

The same situation for another created leads in SalesForce.

I am using this SFDC ID in our app and getLead method ( ;
leadKey->keyType  = SFDCLEADID) but it fails always because SFDC is different
please compare:

How can it be? Can you please expain me?
Looks like it is impossible to use getLead method to search leads by SFDC ID.