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    New Customer Nurture

      How can I make sure that only new customers are engaged in the nurture program I have set up?
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          Adam Vavrek
          Hi Casey,

          There are many ways to do this - it really depends on how you identify who a new customer is in your database. If you mark new customers with a certain field, set up a smart campaign to have them enter a nurture program when data is changed in that field. You can also add leads to this nurture program one by one in Marketo Sales Insight or creating a custom field in your CRM.
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            Dory Viscogliosi
            Hi Casey, another thing that we use are segmentations to ensure that people can only receive the correct nurture programs at the right time. We have a gatekeeper set up above all of our programs that looks at which segmentation a record is in before they can enter any of the nurture programs. Any changes made to their segmentation will also trigger a re-evaluation of their nurture status in this gatekeeper.