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Transitioning a lead from one Engagement Track to Another...

Question asked by a06a00584918a8a851f329ff0b74b59eada581e5 on Dec 11, 2014
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A little BACKGROUND: We have a nurture set up where we have 10 different engagement tracks, each having two streams (an accelerated stream (cadence: weekly emails) and an educational stream (cadence: email every three weeks) which members will go on after they complete the accelerated stream. We have set up a traffic cop that will catch any lead whose key field information (such as industry, job title, segment, company size) changes or becomes known - and based on our prioritization we built within our flow, the lead's current engagement membership will pause and then get added to the new engagement program. 

We are using programs to send emails. I know that within an engagement track, across streams, a member will not recieve an email or be a part of the email program if he/she has already received it.

My QUESTION is this...: Because we are utilizing multiple engagement tracks, and transitioning members across those, are there any solutions or ways to not only prevent members from receiving the same email, but skip and send the next email during that same cast? A work-around I built now is including in the smart campaign (of the outbound email program) on thesmart list is "not a member of current program" which will exclude anyone who has already been sent the email. But, this doesn't solve my second problem of sending them the next email... right after that (within the same cast).

Any help or insight is appreciated!!!