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Unsubscribe Footer for Sales Insight Emails - Best Practices

Question asked by 43706 on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Mike Reynolds
Our reps are beginning to use Sales Insight to send large batch emails to new prospects to attempt to set up appointments, and prioritize calling based on response. We currently have the settings on Sales Insight emails - 5 emails and under at once, no unsubscribe footer, 5 emails or more, show unsubscribe footer. 

For our marketing team, its cut and dry - all emails have unsubscribe footer. Because this is a new tool available to reps, we've been having an internal discussion about when to have the unsubscribe footer and sales emails and when its OK not to. Our thought for 5 and under was, those small batch emails would be used to communicate with current prospects, the larger batch emails will be used in more of a traditional marketing capacity, to try to generate activity within newer, more top of the funnel prospects. 

Another challenge we're having is it appears when we selected the no unsubscribe footer for 5 emails or more, the person is still blocked from recieving marketing emails, but the sales emails apparently bypass unsubscribe settings, which is not ideal. 

Love to hear anyone's thoughts on: 

1. Sales Insight unsubscribe footer best practices

2. How to deal with removing the unsubscribe footer also allowing them to receive sales insight emails even while unsubscribed.