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    Not Responsive - What is it Truly Costing You?

      The lack of mobile responsive templates in Marketo is a much bigger issue than you may think.
      We could be losing up to 33% of potential conversions.

      There are over 7.2 Billion mobile devices on the Planet (that's more devices than humans).
      33% of all online conversions & 21% of all online purchase currently happen on mobile devices.
      By the end of the year it is expected the over 50% of all emails will be opened on a mobile device.
      And yet there is not 1 mobile responsive template from Marketo.

      Not only could we all be missing out conversions, leads and revenue, but also causing substantial damage to our brands by providing a bad user experience. Think about it, you've spent a lot of time and effort (and most likely money) developing a mobile responsive email...that clicks through to a non responsive landing page..... not only are you going to lose conversions but your brand is going to take a hit, as it appears you are lagging behind the mobile revolution.

      When will we see the first responsive template appear from Marketo? 
      Why hasn't this been properly addressed by now?
      Can we really afford to wait much longer?

      Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
      Mark Hatton

      • www.Independent.co.uk - There are officially more mobile devices than people in the world
      • www.marketingchart.com - Mobile Devices Accounting for Almost One-Third of Online Conversions Across Major Verticals
      • www.brafton.com - 21 percent of all ecommerce purchases take place on mobile devices