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    Arbitrarily setting an email as 'sent'

    Scott McKeighen
      Does anyone know of a way to set an invidicual email as 'sent' for any given lead—apart from actually sending the email? The use case would be that we want to declare an email as already sent to someone such that they wouldn't then receive it again during a cast as part of an engagement program, or any other send.

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          Hi Scott,

          You can add it into the program by smart campaign or list upload with the member status as sent. Better yet, why not just use another member status to indicate they will not be sent this email in that Engagement Engine?

          Here is our set up:

          Nurture Email 1
          Nurture Email 2
          Nurture Email 3
          Nurture Email 4

          If we don't want them to get email 3 because they responded to a similar offer already, we would use a smart campaign to auto load anyone that was a part of those similar to email 3 as the member status exclusion.

          That way, when this lead gets email 2 this week, they will skip 3 and get 4 the next week.
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            Scott McKeighen
            Thanks Damon, but I'm not talking about Program statuses; because you're right on the money with an exclusionary status at the program level. What I'm trying to uncover is whether or not it's possible to tie the activity of sending an individual email to any lead outside of sending the email itself—the flag of combining a unique lead ID with the unique ID of the email asset.

            The workaround we have planned should take care of this particular cohort of engagement program members, though: identifying people who are "in danger" of receiving duplicated content, and either pausing them or shunting them over to an alternate stream.