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Email Preference Center - Tracking Unsubscribe Activity

Question asked by a117367dd88fc20c81d0d14471c60bc0a5cf5f51 on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by a117367dd88fc20c81d0d14471c60bc0a5cf5f51
We recently built an email preference center and plan to add it to the bottom of our emails. Since we currently only have subscription options for the US, we're going to turn off the global unsubscribe setting in the admin, and create a snippet to add to the footer of all emails containing either a link to the preference center, or a link to our standard unsubscribe page, depending where they are located.

For the email preference center link, I was told by Marketo support that I need to add this to the end of the email preference url: mkt_unsubscribe=1, in order to still be able to track which specific emails leads are unsubscribing from (so will show up in our email preformance reports as unsubscribe activity rather than clicks). However, someone could still click on that link to update their subscriptions and not unsubscribe, in which case we don't want an unsubscribe activity added to that email (I realize the lead won't actually be opted out unless they select this option).

I wasn't able to come up with a resolution for this with the support person I worked with, or find anything else on this issue in the community. Has anyone else encountered this and/or found a workaround?