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    When do new SFDC leads/contacts show up in Marketo?

      I’m sure this question has been asked a hundred times before. But I just can’t find any of the discussions right now.

      When we established the initial sync between Marketo and SFDC, we only granted Marketo access to some test leads and contacts. Now we have changed this restriction. The Marketo user in Salesforce now sees all the leads (but not yet the contacts) which should be synched to Marketo.

      As far as I know updates of SFDC leads known to Marketo are only synched from SFDC to Marketo if any field changes or if a “Sync Lead to SFDC” request (flow action) is executed from within Marketo.

      But what about new SFDC leads/contacts? Do I just have to wait 24 hours until the next 10 p.m. full sync will be executed?

      Because of our workflow new records will quite often be added to SFDC first. Of course, in those cases when something like a list import can be done with Marketo and then synched to SFDC the above question doesn’t arise.