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Calulated Fields

Question asked by f1e69ac837b11ab02a547aec4c17b568b5ecdb25 on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by f1e69ac837b11ab02a547aec4c17b568b5ecdb25
Is there any way to do a calculated field in Marketo?
If I have a score field for each area of interest, and I want to determine the highest one. Is it possible to make a field that takes the MAX of an array of fields?

Use Case:

Lead Record:
Topic 1 Score: 50
Topic 2 Score: 35
Topic 3 Score: 20
Topic 4 Score: 65

I am sending 4 emails out today, each lead has a different score and I don't want the lead to get 4 emails. For this lead I want them to get the email on Topic 4.

We currently have something built for this using smart campaigns but it is very inefficient. I am thinking of possibly exploring outside that if anyone has any other ideas. Preferably we will keep all the fields inside of Marketo without sync.