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    Calulated Fields

      Is there any way to do a calculated field in Marketo?
      If I have a score field for each area of interest, and I want to determine the highest one. Is it possible to make a field that takes the MAX of an array of fields?

      Use Case:

      Lead Record:
      Topic 1 Score: 50
      Topic 2 Score: 35
      Topic 3 Score: 20
      Topic 4 Score: 65

      I am sending 4 emails out today, each lead has a different score and I don't want the lead to get 4 emails. For this lead I want them to get the email on Topic 4.

      We currently have something built for this using smart campaigns but it is very inefficient. I am thinking of possibly exploring outside that if anyone has any other ideas. Preferably we will keep all the fields inside of Marketo without sync.
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          Valerie Armstrong
          Hi Damon,

          Not being able to compare field values is one of my pain points with Marketo as well.  We have four Markets (product lines) and have lead scoring set up for each of them.  

          To be able to identify the highest score, I created a SFDC formula field called "Highest Market Score" that compares the field values.  The formula evaluates the four scoring fields in Salesforce for the following:
          • If the Market scores are null or they are all zero, the field value is No Score
          • If one of the Market scores is higher than all the others, the field value is the name of that Market.
          • If two or more of the Market scores are the same value, the field value is Tie.

          To identify the most recent interest of leads who currently have a No Score or Tie value for the Highest Market Score field, I created a seperate "Market" field that tracks this.  I set up a smart campaign that triggers off changes to the Highest Market Score field (excluding leads whose new value is No Score or Tie), then populates the Market field with the current value of the Highest Score field.  

          Though a lot of this is done between systems (SFDC/Marketo), having these two fields have been extremely useful for reporting and segmenting.  Hope this helps :)
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            Hi Val,
            Thank you for the response. That's likely the method we will go if we decide to sync the field to Salesforce.
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              Just wondering, does anyone know if there is a feature for Lead Field scripting?

              I found a page on Email Scripting (http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/email-scripting/) which allows a script to determine the information of a my. token within a program. It would be nice if there was a feature that can do the same for a string.

              Maybe to make the email scripting work, I can use an email script token then a smart campaign that basically just does the following data value change:
              lead.preferred topic == {{my.email script}}

              EDIT: Just tested and it doesn't work with {{my. }} tokens