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    Email Link Perf reports: group by URL ignoring Query String?

    Sanford Whiteman
      In reports of type Email Link Performance, every unique URL, including the Query String, is given its own line under the E-mail name.

      We always add a unique ID in the QS (linked to the lead ID) for all outgoing mail.  (Note: this is the only way to get Munchkin to track web pages by Marketo Lead, so please don't bother recommending not adding this token.)

      As a result, Email Link Performance reports are close to useless for us: imagine seeing 1000 individual lines with no added value, each with one click and one lead (it's actually even worse than that as we have multiple clickable URLs per e-mail).

      Is there any way to get a report with the exact same data, only rolled-up (grouped) by http://host/path, regardless of Query String?