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Why is it difficult to use multiple checkbox values on a single form?

Question asked by 1cc5fa48ff4fb673a141120c6119c845965986e2 on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by 1cc5fa48ff4fb673a141120c6119c845965986e2
I have a form with a field labeled "Best time to call."  There are two options to choose from which would be AM or PM.  I have tried using checkboxes/radio buttons but when the form submits it always defaults to the first checkbox value no matter what i check.  Is marketo unable to create and array of checkbox values?  

I've seen on other forums where people have created 2 seperate boolean fields in the field managment and styled them in their form to line up.  This has proven to be a very dirty way of doing things and just seems wrong.  Any knowledge on this would be fantastic!