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Marketo's latest change to the way it handles the moving of cloned programs, has basically destroyed our workflows for program templates

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Nov 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by Dan Stevens.
We have 24 country workspaces and as part of our global demand center, we have a "Center of Excellence" workspace where we centrally store pre-built, templated programs that the country marketers would clone/move to their workspaces and customize/regionalize for their needs.  We also use cloning a lot when we build one master program in one country and many additional countries choose to activate the program(s) in their countries.  Since many of our programs include multiple, complex smart campaigns (which in turn includes multiple smart lists and flow steps), this was the only approach to ensure programs were setup and executed properly across our global organization. 

About six months ago, Marketo changed how cloned programs can be successfully moved across workspaces. Basically, all references to local assets (smart lists, emails, etc.) needed to be removed from the filters, triggers and flow steps before successfully moving.  We basically had many blank fields for values prior to moving that needed to be re-populated with the local values once moved.  This was the advice we were given by Marketo. 

Just today, I tried moving a cloned program and wasn't able to do so.  I received a  "Rule is incomplete, "Member of Smart List is not...' requires a value" error.  I submitted a ticket to support only to learn the following:

Our Engineers enabled validation on programs when Cloning and Moving them. As a result, you cannot have triggers, filters or flow steps that have empty values.

Going forward, you must remove the filters, move/clone the program, then re-add those filters once the Program is cloned or moved.

Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. I was also advised that you may want to create and Idea on our Community in regards to this scenario.

We are extremely dissappointed by this move as it has completely destroyed the workflows and processes we have put in place.  If any of you are impacted by this, I encourage you to reach out to Marketo and voice your frustration.  It seems that Marketo is going backwards in terms of creating an environment that supports global organizations like ours.