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    lead source missing in the form

      In Field Management, we have a lead source field under 'opportunity info' and a source field under 'lead info'.
      In creating a form, we are only able to select the 'lead source field' which is being 'filed' under 'opportunity' in admin (not Lead Info).  Can anybody advise on this set-up?
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          Are you sure you don't have this backwards? You can't use oppty fields in forms, but the lead one should be visible.
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            Josh Hill
            You are getting confused in Field Management. For some reason Lead.Lead Source is listed as "Source" while on the Opp, it is listed as "Lead Source"

            So the one in the Form is the right one to use.

            Keep in mind your SFDC will pull the data from Lead.Lead Source into Opp.Lead Source.
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              Thank you for the replies; We have to sort this out with Marketo I think because somethign looks off.  By the way, we are not integrated with SFDC.  The form is only allowing us to use LEAD SOURCE (from OPPORTUNITY) into it.
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                Hey Josh and Erik, I work with Heather and this is my 3rd Marketo implementation so I'm a bit perplexed on such a silly thing. Here's a screenshot of our field management within admin. I'm with you that LEAD SOURCE has always been the correct field, however we're being thrown off since field management shows it in the OPPORTUNITY folder. 0EM50000000SevS
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                  I guarantee the field on the the form itself isn't the Oppty field- forms don't write to Opportunities. Some of the form field labels are different between those screens so I bet that is it.

                  Please do the following:
                  Make a form
                  Put email address and Lead Source (whatever one you can get on the form editor) on it
                  Fill out that form
                  Look at that lead and see where the Lead Source you entered shows up

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                    As expected, the test worked. Still not sure why "Lead Source" is populating under the opportunity folder, but everything else checks out as intended. Thanks for helping troubleshoot.