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Updating Event Attendees, Marketo iPad App

Question asked by Alexis Shamsi Hughes on Dec 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Josh Hill
We are about to launch the management of in-person events as well as webinars in Marketo. Does anyone have suggestions for how we can best update our attendees following the event?

Here's the traditional (manual) process we currently have:
- Export and print list of registrants from Marketo.
- Highlight all customers who check in at event registration.
- Post event, manually update member status for all attendees to Attended status in Marketo event program. Or, cut and paste attendees' email addresses from Excel file into new Smart List. Reason: we do not allow our general users to import lists - i.e. if they had an Excel file list of all attendees, they could not import this list with their current user role.

What are our best options? We would prefer not to allow all users to import lists. Does anyone seamlessly use the Marketo iPad app to check-in attendees? I have been researching the app, we just cannot 100% guarantee there is a wireless connection onsite at all event venues.