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    Subject line A/B testing

    Vlada Prasolova
      i have a very stupid question about subject line A/B testing
      i had set everything up - added 2 subject lines, selected criteria, chosen segment, approved the test, but when i sent my email, there was only 1 subject line that was sent - no testing 
      i check the documentation and it appears, i did everything there was to do, but apparently, not
      What did i miss out?(((


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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Vlada, was this a batch campaign or a triggered campaign? I'm willing to bet it was batch -- where A/B testing won't work.

          I've gotten around this by having a batch campaign to add people to a list, and being added to that list activates a triggered campaign for the A/B subject line send.

          Another thing I'll do is create two separate emails (without the A/B test), then create a batch campaign that has a send where the flow step uses the choice "Random sample is 50%" and it sends one of the emails, and the default option is the other email. I prefer this option because it keeps the reporting on the two emails forever whereas the reporting shown in your image above will disappear once you choose a champion. 

          Here's an image to clarify the second option described above:

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            Josh Hill
            If you want to AB test in batch, use an Email Send Program.

            If you want to AB test inside a Trigger or Engagement, use the Champion/Challenger.
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