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Recording custom activity

Question asked by ba5b22974e5515b30c38c8e940047ff410e9aa80 on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by 600627fc64a6d68ee5543f5908014825c5b88e31
Hi all,

We've just launched our Salesforce/Marketo system, and are currently integrating our Drupal 7 site into Marketo. We already have the marketo_ma Drupal module.

One of the requirements from our marketing team is that we track registrations, user logins and account updates in the Activity Log. At the moment, using the default Drupal integration, this simply records the login as a "Click link" event on the Activity Log.

Is there a way to manually push activities onto the Activity Log? Looking at the SOAP API, it doesn't look as though this is possible, and Munchkin isn't necessarily reliable, since it's client-side.