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    Bots & Form Fills

      Can anyone suggest a way to block bots on our form fills? We have triggers set up that send an alert to sales each time there is a trial request. Yesterday we were besieged by bot requests. We discussed adding some additional filters such as "clicked a link" or "member of campaign". However this wouldn't work under all scenarios as we also have search campaigns running that lead over to form captures. My understanding is that Marketo doesn't support Captcha so I was wondering if anyone has discovered another mechanism to prevent bots in your forms. Thanks in advance for your help!
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          Nathan Allison
          Hi Liz,

          One method I've used is called a honeypot - (but, quick disclaimer) this won't block bots from being able to submit your form, but it will help automate the separation and deletion of junk data.  It's very easy to implement as all it requires is to simply add a hidden field.  I would suggest adding a field of 'string' type to your forms.  

          Once you've added your hidden field, on subsequent submissions of the form, if your hidden field contains junk data you can assume a bot is the culprit. The idea is that if a human user submitted the form, they would not be able to see the hidden field and therefore would not populate it.  At this point what I would do is create a separate triggered campaign that says: "if lead is created and xyz hidden field is not empty, delete the lead".
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            We've got bots hitting our forms, but they don't fill out every field on the form.  Is there a way to "encourgage" a bot to fill out a hidden field?
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              John Clark

              Hi Liz,


              Marketo has a built in protection mechanisms that help tremendously with reducing the number of spam form fills, but with that said, its a bit of a cat and mouse game as our security team keeps upgrading the protections on our side and spammers keep improving their attacks, so it becomes impossible to stop all spam submissions.


              There are a variety of techniques customers have implemented to deal with this issue beyond the protections provided on Marketo forms.

              I would encourage one of two things if you continue to see this level of spam:

              1 )Add JavaScript validation to the header of your landing pages. This checks to see if JavaScript is enabled on the browser - and, if not, redirects the lead to a page that advises them to do so.  Spam bots do not have Javascript enabled, so this can cut down on spam submissions. This will minimize but not eliminate these submissions.  You can also use javascript to do custom validation on any of the fields in your form, but keep in mind that you would need a developer's help for these solutions solution.


              2) Additionally, you can also create a campaign based on patterns you notice for spam submissions and delete leads which you believe fit these patterns.  For example, leads created via a form with "Email Address is empty", are most likely spam and could be deleted.  That will help to keep your database clear.


              3) Finally, you may also want to consider adding reCaptcha from Google, although this will often lower the number of legitimate submissions as well, so I would use this as a last resort only.  You can read more about it here: http://www.google.com/recaptcha


              Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you out with.



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