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GotoWebinar dates/times not displayed correctly in Marketo calendar

Question asked by Halid Delkic on Nov 27, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by Halid Delkic

In an upcoming series of webinars we’re running through GoToWebinar (integrated with Marketo), we’ve had to reschedule some of the webinars to new dates/times. The appropriate changes were made in GtW to the affected webinars, and that was no issue.
However, despite these updates, our instance of Marketing Calendar is still showing the webinar event entries on the original dates, rather than the amended dates/times.
Double checked all the info in GTW is correct, which it is, and the integration is working as it should (registrations are syncing through ok).
I’ve tried a manual drag-and-drop of the affected calendar entries to the correct date, but Marketo alerts me these changes will need to be made in GoToWebinar – which was done over two weeks ago, so plenty of time to sync through the new info.
I’m curious if anyone else experienced something similar? Any thoughts at how I'm able to move the affected entries to correct dates?

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