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Rolling History of Last Interesting Moments

Question asked by 82eab79ea3928cbc5f2b275efd599ca82e8ba44a on Nov 13, 2014
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Hi all,

I remember seeing a presentation at Marketo Summit 2014 where the presenter showed how to keep a rolling history of the last 5 interesting moments using tokens. Basically, if a new lead subscribes to our newsletter, and then reads a few blog posts, and then downloads a whitepaper, and then registers for a webinar, I'd like the LIM fields to populate as follows:

LIM 1: Registered for XX Webinar   << most recent IM
LIM 2: Downloaded XX Whitepaper    << third IM
LIM 3: Frequent Blog Reader    << second IM
LIM 4: Subscribed to Newsletter    << first IM
LIM 5: [blank]

Then, as the person has more interesting moments over time, the LIM values will push down... for example:

LIM 1: Visits Pricing Page   << most recent
LIM 2: Clicks link in Newsletter
LIM 3: No Show for XX Webinar
LIM 4: Registered for XX Webinar
LIM 5: Downloaded XX Whitepaper    << third IM now in 5th spot

I created LIM1 - LIM5 as text fields and LIM1 Date - LIM5 Date as date fields in Salesforce on the Lead and Contact record. Figuring out the smart campaign/tokens to populate those fields is confusing me though...

My primary goal is to use these fields in alert emails for Sales Reps and SDRs.