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    Fills out form a second time

      We have a demo request form and a smart campaign which triggers several activities to happen when the form is filled out: lead score increase, interesting moment, sales alert, engagement program addition.

      Currently each lead can only flow through this campaign once, but we recently had a situation where someone filled out the form a second time because he forgot that he filled out 6 months ago and talked with our sales team already.

      What I don't want is to change this campaign so that leads can flow through every time, because I don't want all of the flow actions to happen AGAIN.

      How do I say: If lead has already flowed through this trigger campaign once, then do this set of actions instead?

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          Josh Hill
          You could have a separate flow that says if you fill out the form at least twice, then do this action. You can leave the other action alone because it will only let the person go through once.
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            Thanks, Josh! I think that what I've decided to do is create a second campaign (B) that has the trigger filled out form, and then the filter: "Is member of Smart campaign A" so that only people who have flowed through campaign A get campaign B. (This occurred to me about 15 seconds ago, always after I finally give up on figuring it out myself and post a discussion in Community...) And then campaign B will have it set so that lead can flow through every time.

            So I think you and I are saying the same thing, just different ways of getting there.