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Microsoft is Deleted = true, but not really

Question asked by 2c743b3637c1dc169c379543821adc9baaff203c on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by 0c1096e8332bf83e777a3ff447d109b5ce03fb32
With the Marketo / Dynamics integration, there's the handy "Microsoft is Deleted" boolean to, my team thought, indicate whether or not a Marketo lead has had its corresponding Dynamics contact record deleted.

But in reality, "Microsoft is Deleted" is set to true simply by deactivating a Contact in Dynamics. We're looking to remove Leads from Marketo that have truly (for reals) been deleted from Dynamics.

How can we go about verifying the Dynamics Contact has been deleted aside from using the ill named (or ill functioning) "Microsoft is Deleted" flag?