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Custom Templates - Email Deliverability

Question asked by 4ef35a4c65312eb3ade60935af1b7efb4ed7e0f8 on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by 4ef35a4c65312eb3ade60935af1b7efb4ed7e0f8
Hello All,

My company sends a bi-monthly client newsletter that goes out to our current client base. We are looking to increase our Clicks, Clicks to Open, and overall engagement. We're aware of the best practices that exist for limiting content in client newsletters, but also creating engaging content (demos, infographics, etc...).


Are there any best practices or rules for using custom HTML templates in Marketo when looking at email deliverability? Right now, we have a custom HTML template built with six squares that have a graphic and description per square. We're looking to edit our newsletter by limiting it to four squares (stories), with links that will click out to the appropriate areas where the full content exists.

I wasn't sure if there were any specific algorithms or formulas that Marketo takes into place when sending out emails with custom HTML templates.