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    Description field in SFDC

      I am trying to find the best way to capture notes on a lead record for various interactions the lead goes through prior to getting assigned to a sales rep. We have one description field on a lead record which doesn't really reflect the most recent interaction with the lead, Our sales folks use it to write their notes. Where do I put notes captured at the tradeshow? What about the description captured on teh lead form; where does that go on a lead record? Is the solution to have multiple description fields- tradeshow notes, web form notes etc.

      I've thought of creating a task and capturing notes within the task decsription. Has anyone done that?
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          SFDC Description = Marketo Person Notes

          BUT, don't use this if your sales team is using it for notes (they really should put notes in Tasks). Because if you do this it will be displayed on the Form to the Lead and then it will overwrite the Sales team's comments.

          So best to create a new field for that and make sure that it is not pre-fill. Another way to deal with this is to use Tasks or a second permanent field to append the data into a Comments History field.