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Firefox Blocking iFramed Forms

Question asked by Chris Vandermarel on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by Chris Vandermarel
I've recently noticed some very concerning behaviour. We iframe all of our Marketo forms into our Web Site to allow prefill. This was working very well for a while, but just this week we noticed Firefox selectively blocking some iframed forms. The odd thing is it seems to only block the iframe if the page is visited directly from Google search results or if the URL is directly typed into the URL bar. If the page is visited via browsing pages on our Web Site the iframed page shows up.

In firefox the iframe is just invisible, but if you click on the shield to the left of the URL bar you see:

"Firefox has blocked content that isn't secure.
Most Web Sites will work properly when when this content is blocked."

Then a button with a dropdown arrow is below. if I click the "Disable protection on this page" item, my form loads.

Is anyone else encountering this issue and have they found a way to counter it?