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Adding Single Email Program to Multiple Nurture Engagement Programs

Question asked by a06a00584918a8a851f329ff0b74b59eada581e5 on Dec 4, 2014
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I'm hoping someone can help. We're building a nurture engine that consists of 10 different engagement tracks that each contain 2 streams - one to "Accelerate" leads and one to "Educate". We're utilizing programs to activate the emails as well as centralize the performance tracking of each asset (or email/default program) we're utilizing in the nurture engine. Our plan is to add the programs to each engagement stream where appropriate or fitting (according to track type). My question is in regards to the smart lists and smart campaigns within the email program that activate the outbound email. 

At each engagement program level, I am defining membership/stream criteria within a smart campaign. If I'm using a single email program that will apply to multiple engagement tracks --- do I need to have separate smart campaigns - per engagement track - that refine/define who the emails will be sent to? Or can i have a catch-all filter within the smart list of the email program's outbound email processing that consists of "member of engagement program is ..." and then lists ALL ten engagement tracks? 

I'm just concerned that if I use the catch all filter (which will be easiest) that it will send to ALL engagement tracks per send, rather than just the members of each particular stream cadence.

I hope this makes sense :/ 

Thanks for your help!