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    Smart Campaign Flow not working as anticipated Clicked link vs. Opened email

      I am having trouble validating a flow process in a Smart Campaign based on clicked links versus opened emails. Here's my Smart List and Flow setup with expected outcome. 
      Test Scenario with expected results:
      Email address 1: Open Email 1 and click link
      Email address 2: Open Email 1 but do not click link
      Email address 3: Do not open Email 1
      Each email entered through Smart List, Person Attributes, Email Address Is
      Email address 1 should receive Email 2
      Email address 2 should receive Email 4
      Email address 3 should receive Email 3

      Send Email
      Email Sequence ID1

      10 minutes

      Send Email
      Choice - Clicked Link In Email Is Email Sequence ID1
      Email Sequence ID2

      10 minutes

      Send Email
      Choice - Not Opened Email is Email Sequence ID1
      Email Sequence ID3
      Choice - Not Clicked Link is Email Sequence ID1
      Email Sequence ID4

      What happens is, the Email Address 2 is receiving the Email Sequence ID2, even though that email should only be sent to the recipeint who clicks the URL link in Sequence ID1. The URL I'm using to test is a URL to google.com. 

      I'm using the same 3 email addresses to check the results and each email address has cliked the link in the Email Sequence ID1 at some point during my testing. Would that matter? 

      What should I do to create a flow that properly operates with clicked URLs vs. Opened Emails vs Not opened emails?

      Thanks for the help!