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Routing imported leads into two different streams in same engagement program

Question asked by 61100 on Dec 8, 2014
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I have an engagement program with a single 'qualified for campaign' list (for imports) and a smart campaign set up so new leads imported into the list are automatically added to stream 1 of the program. The smart list uses Added to list. The flow is add to engagement program 'program name' 'stream 1'

I created an alternative version of the 4 emails in the program with a different subject line and some different copy. I've named the emails 1b - 4b. They're in the same program as the original emails, different subfolder called Stream 2. I was planning to put these 4 new emails into Stream 2 of the same program, set a cadence, with no transition between stream 1 and 2, and let them run as independent streams. Leads put into each stream would be different - no overlap here.

The hold-up is how to set up the smart campaign. I created a second list for the stream 2 imports. How do I go about modifying the smart list and flow so leads added to list 1 are added to stream 1, and leads added to list 2 are added to stream 2?